Month: July 2017


Everybody loves summer and everybody who loves summer, knows that the most desirable fruit for this period is the Watermelon. This type of fruit is loved for its fine taste, sweet flavor and interesting texture. And because it contains aproximatelly 90% water, it represents a great source of health. For those who want to cultivate their own melons, there are a few things to consider. Without any aditives, chemicals or special requirments, the cantaloupe is the perfect summer addition to your own little garden.

The watermelon is usually served best in its natural state, but it can also be used in cafeterias for the preparation of jelly, jam or slushies. Because it has a high quantity of water, it also has diuretic properties, which makes it the perfect treatment for kidney diseases. Although many of us don’t know how to grow watermelonthe process is not difficult to understand. Here are a few things you should know:

  • The green melon is an annual plant, which requires 100-130 days to grow. Although it is very sensible to temperature changes (it loves heat), the seedlings require about 21 days to germinate at lower temperatures (14-16 degrees) and 6 days at increased temperatures (25-26 degrees ).
  • Watermelons require lots of sun and, in its absence, the plants will not develop properly, the flowers become infertile, the sugar intake drops and the production is weak.
  • A great trick is to water the plant 2 or three times during the blooming and ripening period. This will help you obtain a better harvest.

In order to grow melons you will require organic seeds, organic fertilizer and gardening tools. Here are the steps to watermelon cultivation:

  • Picking the right seeds is extremely important. It doesn’t matter if you have them from an old watermelon, a shop or a renowned producer. What matters is that you avoid the ones found in comerce because they usually contain harmful chemicals. If it is a personal production, you could plant the seeds you found in an extremely sweet and tasty watermelon you ate.
  • The next step is to prepare the soil. A fertile and loose soil is very important if you want to obtain juicy fruit. You are advised to use only organic soil, as it is far healthier (manure, straws, organic residues). Prepare a warm, fertile soil which is bathed in sufficient sunlight before planting the seedlings. You can use individual pots if you don’t want to disturb the roots during the replanting phase.
  • After you’ve completed these two (very important) phases, it is time to plant your seeds! Bear in mind that the watermelon does’t like to be moved, so you should decide on a permanent location from the start. After leaving the soil 3 days to fertilize, start digging in the soil, and place the seeds in. Depth isn’t very important (5 centimeters are sufficient), but the distance between seeds should be at least one meter. It is not only the fruit itself which requires a lot of space, but also the leaves.
  • The crop should be watered from the very first day in order to decrease the germination period. A proper irigation system will do wonders to your little melons. Although it is not necesarry to water the soil everyday, you should do it at least once a week.
  • Watermelons are extremely vulnerable to a large number of pests and insects. Cucumber bugs are probably the number one pest because they steal the nutrients from the plant, and also spread numerous diseases, which means, you have to use the proper pesticides.
  • As if pests weren’t enough, there are also a lot of viruses and fungi which can affect your crop. Mildew in particular is a great risk. The only way to protect your crop from diseases is by maintaining it healthy all the time. Weeding, pruning and properly spacing the fruit will allow the proper circulation of air. Fungicides can also prove effective, if used in time.

Check the round spot on the fruit, which changes colour from white to yellow as the fruit ripens. To know when it is ready you should also tap it regularly. The sound will change as the melon becomes more ripe. When you think it is ready for harvesting, collect it and reuse the remaining fruit and leaves for fertilization.


Keeping a well cut lawn is important to maintaining your home, but not everyone has acres of yard to keep mowed. While looking for the perfect mower for someone with a lawn on the smaller side I came across the Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe. The manufacturer say it was developed as an easy to use solution for for those with smaller yards. It looked like it would fit the role perfectly so I did my research and this review is what I found.

Small for Easy Storage

Tending a small lawn presents some unique challenges. First if your yard is small, you are probably limited as to storage space, too. The Mow Joe is designed compactly to store in as small an area as possible. Additionally, since it is electric, you don’t have to worry about storing smelly and potentially dangerous gasoline or oil for your lawn maintenance needs.

Quiet for Peace with the Neighbors

Another challenge of a small yard is that it usually means your neighbors’ houses are very close. This can be an issue when the time you have to take care of your lawn doesn’t match up to the time they won’t mind the commotion. The Mow Joe is described in reviews as sounding like a fan when operating. This means you can do your lawn care whenever you like, even mowing that strip right under your neighbor’s bedroom window without disturbing their sleep.

Save by Foregoing Features You Don’t Need

Since your yard is small, there is no reason to spend the huge premium for a cordless model. A 100 foot extension cord (don’t get a cheap 16 AWG cord, more on this later) will easily reach to all corners of your property. Also, mowing will be easier without the extra weight and bulk of a battery, allowing you to maneuver into all the tight nooks and crannies with ease. This will leave you with less to clean up with a weed trimmer which is always a good thing in my book.

Features and Specifications

  • 12 amp motor gives you the power to make short work (no pun intended) of the toughest lawns quickly and easily
  • Starts with the push of a button, no more yanking on a starter cord until your shoulder and back scream for mercy
  • Electric power means instead of storing cans of gasoline to spill and make everything stink, you only have an extension cord to wind and hang up
  • Can adjust the height to one of three positions between two inches and 2½ inches so you can get just the manicured look you desire
  • Designed to be compact to allow easier maneuverability and to store in less space
  • Has a built in grass catcher that removes easily to make clean up a breeze
  • Warrantied for two years to give you that extra peace of mind that you will get years of service for your investment

Customer Reviews

While researching the Sun Joe MJ401E Moe Joe, I found over 400 customer reviews. These reviews averaged just over 4 out of 5 stars. This is because over half the customers rated it with a perfect five stars and over ¾ of the customers rated it with four or five stars.


The biggest positive that came up in review after review is the small size. This made it a perfect choice for older people or people with health problems that limited their ability to lug around a larger mower. It also enabled the Moe Joe to be used in places where if you used a larger mower you would have to get with a trimmer.

Another reason the Moe Joe is a great choice for people with limited ability is the fact that there is no starter cord. People with shoulder, neck, of back problems often find pull starters difficult or painful to manipulate. Now they can start their mower with by pushing in the safety button and pulling the start lever back to the handle.

You will no longer have to lug or store jugs of gasoline for your lawn maintenance. This gets rid of the smell and the danger of storing gas at you home or the inconvenience of having to go buy gas when you want to cut your grass. Your energy requirements are all served through an extension cord.

Having an electric mower reduces the maintenance necessary, too. You will no longer have to change the oil. You also no longer have to get it tuned up before the spring mowing season begins. When the time comes for your first mow of the year, you just pull it out, dust it off, plug it in, and mow.


One problem that I saw come up a few times in the reviews is that the wheels could break off. As I researched this, because it would be a major issue if true, I found that the problem seemed to be caused by sliding the mower from side to side. The wheels are not as tough as those on your old all metal gas mower and this must be respected. As long as you use your mower as designed and roll it forward and backward without sliding it to the side, this should not be a problem.

The much more serious concern I found was people saying the motor burned out and quit working. By digging a little deeper I learned that the likely cause of this was using the wrong extension cord. This belief was reinforced when I looked up the mower an Amazon and saw that they were recommending as an add on purchase a 16 AWG 100 foot extension cord. The manufacturer says that this mower requires at least a 14 AWG cord (in AWG a lower number indicates a larger wire). The motor is rated at 12 amps and the smaller 16 AWG wire just isn’t big enough to supply the proper amount of electricity. This makes the motor operate outside of its design causing premature failure. So long story short, if you buy a proper 12 or 14 AWG extension cord, this should not be an issue for you.


While two large problems were found in the reviews for this product, they both are caused by trying to use it outside of what it was designed for. Given that and the overall positive reviews, I can confidently recommend the Sun Joe MJ401E Moe Joe as a fine mower for people with small yards and little storage space. Just do me a favor and buy a properly size extension cord to go with it so you will get years of service out of it.


Keeping a neatly cut lawn is important to every homeowner to keep peace with both your spouse and the neighbors. The WORX WG789 Lawn Mower seemed to be a highly regarded cordless mower. Since I am always looking for tools to make my yard work easier, I decided to do some research on it and share what I discovered in this review.

Power to Spare

It is important for a cordless mower to have the battery life to allow you to get the job done. It’s battery is rated to cut 12,500 square feet on a single charge. That means you can go out and mow nearly a third of an acre without recharging. If your yard is larger than that, you may be interested in buying a second battery as the battery is removable and is recharged separate from the mower.

The Quiet Life

Electric mowers have a definite advantage when it comes to noise and  is top notch in this regard. Do you hate getting out in the summer heat of midday to do your yard work? With the WORX WG789 Cordless mower you can get out and mow in the cool of early morning without having to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

Features and Specifications

  • Cordless to allow you to reach any area of your yard without being tethered to your house by extension cords
  • 36-volt battery gives you the power to cut through the tough stuff (if you are like me and “miss” a week of mowing)
  • Removable battery gives you the option of keeping a second battery on hand for larger yards
  • Self-propelled with PaceSetter system to match your pace so the mower pulls itself along at the speed you want to go
  • Extra torque with IntelliCut so you don’t get bogged down or worse, leave uncut patches in your yard when you’re cutting tough grass
  • 45 minute battery run-time (12,500 square feet) which is plenty of time to do a decent sized yard in one charge
  • 19-inch width so it may take more passes if you are used to the 20-inch to 22-inch widths common to gas mowers but difference is negligible
  • Adjustable height to cut from 1.5 to 3.5 inches to allow you to get exactly the cut you want in your yard
  • Mower backed by a 2 year warranty, battery by a 1 year warranty

Customer Reviews

While researching the WORX WG789 Lawn Mower I found nearly 100 customer reviews. The reviews averaged 4 out of 5 stars. That means most buyers rated it with the highest marks available.


The reviews showed several trends. Many reviewers described the WORX WG789 as a well built machine. They said it is constructed with solid materials,well-fitted together. Another positive often mentioned is that the battery life definitely delivers on the promise made by the manufacturer. People mentioned over and over again that they were able to do their whole yard and have charge left over.

Also mentioned as a positive is the options open to you. You can set it to mulch the grass clippings as you go to help thicken your lawn. You can set it to discharge out the side to make it easy to rake up later. Or my personal favorite is to use the bagger to make clean up automatic.

If your old mower is like all the ones I have owned, adjusting the cutting height means adjusting each wheel separately. It has a one touch height adjuster so no more counting notches to make sure all your wheels are at the same height.

A big pro for this mower is not having to deal with buying, storing, spilling, cleaning up, and smelling (and smelling LIKE) gasoline ever again. Your mowing will be much more pleasant without the aggravation of checking and changing oil. You will never again wrench your shoulder yanking on a starter cord.


While there were some complaints about the PaceSetter system, the overall impression seems to be that it works very well once you learn its quirks and get used to operating it. The PaceSetter system controls the drive for the self-propelled mechanism. It varies the speed of the mower to your walking speed. Once you get used to the system, it maximizes the comfort for you as you don’t have to strain to push the mower or run to try to keep up with it.

There were also several complaints about the battery life. These complaints fell into two general categories. The first group seems to expect the battery to last longer than the manufacturer claims. This is not a fair expectation. The second group complained that the battery lost charge holding ability over time. My research showed that this problem is probably due to maintenance issues. The WORX WG789  uses a lead acid battery like the ones used in cars. These batteries work best and last longest if kept fully charged as much as possible. People have gotten used to lithium ion batteries that last better if completely or near completely discharged before recharging. Completely discharging lead acid batteries will quickly degrade its ability to hold a charge.   If your yard is too large to finish with charge left, you will have the best experience if you recharge at the halfway point.


While there are some complaints, the overall consensus is that the WORX WG789 Mower is a great choice in the cordless electric lawn mower market. If you are interested in not having to ever mess with gasoline and oil again, not spewing pollutants into the air, and not needing earplugs to mow your lawn, the WORX WG789 19-Inch 36 Volt Cordless PaceSetter Self Propelled 3-In-1 Lawn Mower is an excellent choice that with a bit of learning and proper battery maintenance should give you years of pleasant mowing experience.