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GreenWorks is a well-known brand in the outdoor power equipment industry, and the 25292 model brings all the great things of the brand, and more. This model is a cordless electric lawn mowers, and it’s been getting 5 stars all across the board. But does it really deserve the accolades, or are they all just hype? Let’s take a closer look.

GreenWorks 25292 Overview

Right off the bat let me tell you that this mower is not cheap. However, being a l battery powered lawn mower, it offers tons of excellent benefits, that makes it an excellent investment. After all, the 25292 model received 4.5 to 5 star ratings from consumers.

First off, the GreenWorks 25292 produce zero emissions and zero carbon footprint, so it is very eco-friendly. The package comes with 2 batteries included, with each one charged to full capacity in a mere 3 hours, the fastest in the market today. The batteries have LEDs on them to show when they are fully charged, and when they are, the battery will power the mower for more than an hour.

Now an hour may sound not that long, but that actually means mowing up to 1.5 acres of grass, or just about half of an NFL football field. The 19-inch cutting deck is above average and its height can easily be adjusted using the 7-position single lever mechanism found near the rear wheel. Now before we get carried away talking about the many benefits of this product, let’s take a brief look at the features.

GreenWorks 25292 Features

  • Manual drive system
  • Polymer housing and highly durable steel deck
  • Lithium Ion 3-hour charge battery
  • Safety key and push start mechanism
  • 7-position cutting deck height adjustment lever
  • 7-inch front wheels, 8-inch rear wheels
  • Weighs only 49 lbs.
  • Dimensions—30.9 x 17 x 20.1 inches
  • 4-year warranty for mower, 2-year warranty for battery

GreenWorks 25292 Pros

This model is one of GreenWorks’ most powerful and biggest entries into the eco-friendly garden equipment category. It delivers a complete solution right out of the box and packs a slew of features that homeowners are looking for in a mower, and so much more.

It can bag, discharge or mulch without the need for additional accessories. Driven by a high powered 4-amp/hour, 40 volt lithium ion battery, it can run for more than 60 minutes continuously. With the extra battery pack included in the package, you can mow  with one while charging the other one, so you virtually don’t run out of mowing power.

This cordless lawn mower is equipped with a 19-inch mulching blade housed in a highly durable steel cutting deck, riding on large 7-inch front wheels and 8-inch front wheels. The large wheels make the mower easy to maneuver in different terrains, even the bumpy ones.

The mowing deck features a 7-position single lever mechanism for easy height adjustment, so the user can easily change the cutting heights from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches in 7 increments.

The poly deck is ultra-lightweight at a mere 49 lbs., significantly reducing the mower’s overall weight and making it easier to maneuver and handle. The handles are foldable for a more compact size for transport or storage.

Many consumers were impressed with the safety factors carefully incorporated by GreenWorks into the design. First, the starting system uses a lockout key strategically concealed under the door of the battery compartment. This keeps it safe and hidden from children. To start the machine, you simply engage the handle bail, which is made safer by the mower bail handle’s lockout switch that has to be disengaged.

Every single component and the overall construction of the GreenWorks 25292 denotes nothing but high quality, so you can surely use the mower for many years. Although the chassis is made of polymer, it is durable and doesn’t easily crack.

The 4-year guarantee backs this all up, too, so you know that you are getting a long-lasting lawn mower.

GreenWorks 25292 Cons

Although the model aced all the points that matter, there are some areas wherein it did less than perfect. Most of these issues are common to battery-powered lawn mowers, though. For example, even though the lithium ion battery and the 40-volt motor packs a lot of power, this lawn mower may still find it difficult to mow tall and tough kinds of grasses.

You may also need to make a few passes to achieve a perfect and evenly cut lawn, since the mower tends to miss patches of grass. The rear bag is also not that large, so it fills up rather quickly and may need to be emptied a few times while on the job.

The price may be considered high by some people, and may put them off, but 7 out of the 10 consumers that bought the GreenWorks 25292 commented that the investment was well worth it.

The Verdict

Don’t be shocked by the sticker price, because you are buying long-term excellence. There are so many reasons why you should buy a battery-powered electric lawn mower like the GreenWorks 25292: they are eco-friendly, quieter, have excellent range, and less complicated to use. And the power packs are the best in the industry.

The batteries take only 3 hours to charge, and the power output is way above industry standards. This machine is certainly ideal for homeowners who want to maintain their medium sized lawns.

When you are switching to a battery-powered mower, you shouldn’t sacrifice efficiency and performance.  And this is why GreenWorks 25292 exceeds consumer expectations. You will be getting a powerful and durable mower with very efficient batteries. The parts are made of quality materials and the construction is clearly made for long-term use. The 4-year warranty for the machine and the 2-year warranty for the power packs further proves that the guys at GreenWorks are very confident that their products are well worthy of the investment.

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