How To Find Electrical Wire Behind Drywall?

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Everyone had to do repairs in the apartment at least once, to drill the walls. And if you own a brick or panel house, then the wiring is always hidden. In order not to break it during drilling, you will need a device for concealed wiring. Although the chance to get into the wire is small enough, but still it is, this can not be avoided anywhere. This device allows you not only to find wiring in the wall, just to find a wooden or metal stud.

all-sun TS79
all-sun TS79

The detector like all-sun TS79 can find not only stud behind drywall, but also electic wire, i.e. More devices you can find in this review. Before starting the search, plug in any electrical appliance. To begin with, you can practice on open wiring. Bring the detector to any wire, for example, from a teapot, a computer cable, without a difference. Feel what place he will determine the wire, some devices define the edge, some center.

From personal experience I can say that not every device will see wiring in a panel house, especially inexpensive models (up to 20$). Tried 3 different detectors, do not see and that’s it. In brick – without problems, under the plaster, too, it will not be difficult to find a wire. A quality detector (for example, “Bosch”), costs about 80$. This is the price for 2017, then it can be different.

How to use the hidden detector? You apply it tightly to the wall in the intended location of the cable, slowly lead it, as soon as the detector approaches the target, the light will turn on or there will be an audio signal, or both, depending on the model.

If you want to drill without a device, well, it’s not available. Such advice: as a rule, the wiring passes from the outlet strictly upwards, then to the junction box. Therefore, drilling over the outlet is the most dangerous. Well, if you still hit the cable, you’ll have to take a puncher, break a hole in the wall, find an interrupted wire, and connect it with a terminal strip, not look, and then zashpatlevat.

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