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Is there a more quintessential chore for the summer than mowing the lawn? It’s the way that pre-teens and teenagers can make some money, college students do it as part of the summer job and it’s always featured large in many sit-coms with husbands! Mowing the lawn is something which has just become a core experience for anyone with a lawn and it can even be made into a point of pride: look how nice and neat my grass is!

Of course, mowing the lawn can also be a real pain. Lawnmowers can be very costly (or very cheap in construction meaning they don’t work correctly), they can create a big mess, they can be too heavy to use very efficiently and they can be absolutely ruinous on the atmosphere. Many lawnmowers have problems with a variety of grasses and bumpy lawns (after all,  not everyone has a smooth, clear yard!) A cheap lawnmower makes more of a mess than it solves and an expensive one is out of reach for many homeowners and renters. A noisy one will annoy the neighbors and quiet ones are fairly rare. So what’s the proud owner/renter of a home and yard to do? Find a lawnmower that isn’t overprice, isn’t too noisy, won’t make a mess and will work when it’s supposed to work without a big fuss!

Does this sound impossible? It doesn’t have to be and while we cannot offer the perfect lawnmower, we do have one that is very close:

The Lawn-Boy 17732 CARB Compliant Kohler Lawn Mower

The Lawn-Boy 17732 CARB Compliant Kohler lawn mower is a walk behind, gas powered lawn mower (phew!) It offers a number of features that make it easy for homeowners to use and it’s affordable enough that most households should be able to purchase it and sturdy enough to make it worth the price tag. This particular lawn mower is really good for a wide variety of lawns owing to its design and drive system and it offers fairly clean use as it simply uses gas. It also offers a great Tru-Start Commitment and good options for use. Or so the advertisements claim! So what can you expect from the Lawn-Boy 17732 if you decide this is the lawn mower for you?

Features of the Lawn-Boy 17732 Mower

The Lawn-Boy 17732 mower is a lot more than simply a walk behind mower! It is a gas powered mower meaning that you get a good motor to chop down even sturdy lawns. The motor is a 6.5 gross torque overhead valve engine which is powerful enough to handle the strongest of grasses. But if you have a strangely growing lawn, this system features a 2 point Height of Cut system. What this does is let you adjust cutting heights from one side of the mower so you can adjust the length of the grass growing on your lawn to suit your preferences.

The design of the Lawn-Boy 17732 is well thought out as well. It’s heavy, but not too heavy at less than seventy pounds. It has large wheels which makes the system more maneuverable. And it’s very easy to put together: you simply unpack it, attach the handle, add the oil (comes with the device), add the gas (does not come with the device) and you can go! It also comes with a bag to store your grass.

The Lawn-Boy 17732 also has rear wheel drive. This is handy if your lawn is hilly or goes downhill because it gives you great traction and control. No run-away or stuck lawn mowers here! Furthermore, this device has a 3 in 1 discharge: you can mulch your grass, bag it or simply release it out the side to break down itself over time. With a 21 inch steel blade, you can cut right through the grass and with the 3-in-1 system, you can really decide what you want to do with it after. The blade is able to handle thick, wet and weedy lawns with ease.

Finally, the Lawn-Boy guarantees its start: if the mower doesn’t start with one or two pulls of the string, Lawn-Boy will fix it, absolutely for free for three years after the purchase date. That’s a pretty good guarantee that the machine will work consistently for a long period of time!

This lawn mower is also CARB Compliant for the state of California. This means that it complies with air standard qualities and has minimal pollution, something which will let everyone breathe a sigh of relief! Having a CARB compliant lawnmower is not only good for the environment, but it can also be something of a point of pride and a good way to show your commitment to clean air.

Problems with the Lawn-Boy 17732

It might be a bit heavy for some people, particularly seniors, at around 66 pounds in weight. For most people though, this is still pretty easy to handle. There are no real bells or whistles attached to this lawn-mower; it’s not self-propelled for example and it doesn’t have other bits and pieces to it, so if you’re looking for something very gadgety for your lawn, this won’t be it.

Otherwise, this device has very few problems with it and at less than $300.00 with a three year commitment to start properly, this device is great value for the money. It’s ideal for small to medium size lawns with any type of grass you can imagine. It gives you great options for grass cutting sizes and you can do things like mulch it, bag it or simply let it go back onto your lawn to break down naturally. And at the cost, combined with the Tru-Start Commitment, it’s ideal for people who are looking for something that will last a while and won’t break the bank. It’s particularly perfect for people who just need something to cut the grass and don’t need it to do much more than that! If any of this sound like you, then the Lawn-Boy 17732 mower should be just right for you. Enjoy!

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