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Spring is coming and that means: yard waste. Whether it’s leftover yard waste from the fall before if you didn’t clear it all up or yard waste from over the winter, dead branches, dead leaves and dead grass abound, making for ugly yards and even uglier clean-up tasks. Everyone with a yard has to deal with their yard’s waste at some point. It’s not fun and it’s much easier to simply throw it away, burn it or pitch it into a hidden corner somewhere! However, if you do that, you’re also throwing away a valuable resource: mulch.

Mulch is very important for the health of a lawn, garden or flower garden. Mulch brings important vitamins and nutrients back to the soil and it helps to aerate your lawn and garden. Organic mulch is the absolutely best kind as you don’t have to worry about chemicals and other junk clogging up your yard and creating less than perfect greenery and tasty foodstuff. However, you may have avoided buying it in the past simply because mulch can be rather expensive. But you don’t have to go to the local hardware store or grocery store to get it: you have the stuff to make mulch right now with all that yard waste: you just need a good chipper/shredder to handle it.


The LawnMaster FD1501

The LawnMaster FD1501 is considered to be a great chipper/shredder with good value for the money. It’s able to handle a wide array of yard waste, from twigs and sticks to mowed grass and has a great conversion ratio: 10 parts in to 1 part out, meaning you can turn even the biggest mess into a compact, easy to use bag of mulch to help your gardens and lawn grow in a healthy fashion. At least, that’s what the product advertisements claim! If you’re looking for a chipper/shredder for your yard work, is the LawnMaster FD1501 really the master of the terrain?

What the LawnMaster FD1501 Has to Offer

This particular chipper/shredder is something of a compact shredder. It’s very portable at about 29 pounds in weight and has 8-inch wheels, making it easy to move around. It has a load capacity of 15.85 bushels and runs off electricity with a 15 amp motor. With a good extension cord, you can easily move this device all over the lawn and get the yard waste you need to mulch. The two-sided blade is easy to change when it gets dull and you get a collection bag to hold your mulch. It has a cutting diameter of 1.5” and a 10:1 mulch ratio, meaning that you can get rid of a lot of yard waste at once!

From a practical point of view, the LawnMaster FD1501 is great for small to medium size yards. It can easily handle things like trimmed trees, mown grass, garden waste and weeds; however, if you have a large yard and lot of waste and you don’t have a good extension cord, you may end up doing quite a bit of running around.

Pros and Cons

The LawnMaster FD1501 is considered to be one of the best chipper/shredders around in terms of value for money and here’s why:

  • It’s powerful enough to handle most mundane sort of yard waste with ease: twigs, grass, leaves and more. The steel blade is nice and wide and it can handle an array of waste without worrying about jamming up the machine.
  • The dual blades are reversible so you can easily turn your waste into mulch even if things aren’t loaded in quite right in the first place.
  • It has great safety features such as a removable hopper access panel, an auto-shut off switch for changing the blades and a cord retainer so you’re not tripping over anything. These are always worth having if you’re working with sharp blades!
  • It’s very portable, meaning it’s easy to carry around your yard and you can even carry it off to help other people! Anything which helps with the spring clean-up is always a good thing.
  • The device comes has an extension cord length maximum of 100 feet. When this is combined with its portability, it means you can use it on even very large yards without having to shove it around too much and wasting your time.
  • It has overload motor protection
  • It comes with a push stick so that you can shove your waste into the shredder with ease
  • It’s very affordable: about $152.00 for everything from most places, including Amazon and Sears.

All of these features make it an ideal shredder/chipper for most average size lawns and for most regular users. It’s easy to learn, works well and can turn your waste into gorgeous mulch.

It’s not a perfect device though and it does shoulder its share of complaints. The main complaint is that it has a narrow slot for loading waste. The slot may be too narrow to handle some kinds of clippings or branches; you’ll have to trim them down still further before pushing them into the slot. On the reverse side, the machine can have trouble with finer twigs, so you may have to pull them out of the mulch and chip them repeatedly. Otherwise, this device has very little that is wrong with it and many things that more than make up for these few complaints.

So is It Worth Buying?

The LawnMaster FD1501 is certainly worth buying in our opinions. It is absolutely clean to use as it doesn’t use oil or gas and it’s fairly efficient. It’s also very affordable and comes with a solid warranty so that if something does go wrong, you can get help. It’s able to handle an array of yard waste and it’s portable enough to go wherever you need to go. All in all, it’s a great machine and just what you need if you’re staring down the barrel of a spring clean-up in the wake of winter or an autumn clean-up to get ready for winter. Don’t just leave your yard waste lying around: mulch it and recycle it for the next generation of fantastic greenery!

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