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Mowing is made easier and faster with the Poulan Pro PR500N21SH, one of the best selling lawn mowers in the market today. But does it really work as promised, or is everything just hype? Let’s take a closer look at the features, benefits, pros and cons of this product and determine whether it’s the right mower for you.

A Closer Look at Poulan Pro PR500N21SH

This topnotch machine is a CARB compliant, walk-behind, gas-powered lawn mower equipped with a recoil start. It is powered by a 500e Series Briggs & Stratton 140-cc engine. It comes with a 21-inch deck made of hardened blades and stamped steel. The user can easily adjust the cutting height with its 5-position system.

The engine block is made of high-grade aluminum, so there is no risk of corrosion. The powerful machine has a 5 ft./lbs gross torque so it can easily process different types of lawn vegetation such as tall and wet grass. The 12-inch rear wheels are, by far, the largest in the category, which is a great advantage in terms of control and maneuverability.

Product Features

Engine—the 500e Series Briggs & Stratton 140cc is one of the industry’s best, so you are assured that the mower has enough power to cut grass in different terrains.

Cutting Deck—the deck measures 21 inches, which means that you can cover more area and mow your lawn more quickly.

3-in-1 System—the unit has a 3-in-1 bagging system featuring easy switch between mulching, bagging and side discharging modes for a more efficient and faster glide.

12-inch Rear Wheels—the rear wheels are enormous, but totally in balance with the 7-inch front wheels. The wheels make it a lot easier to maneuver in slopes and uneven terrain.

5-step Lever Arrangement—compared to its counterparts that has 3-steps, this Poulan Pro model has a 5-step adjustable lever arrangement that makes height adjustment easier and finer, resulting to cleaner lawn finish.

Light, Clean and Quiet—the machine only weighs 79 pounds and has a muffler that makes it extra quiet during operation. It complies with the CARB specifications and it has a 2-year warranty to boot.

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Pros

You can immediately use the Poulan lawn mower right out of the box, because assembly is a breeze. You won’t need complicated tools to get the rig together. Just follow the instructions that comes with the manual, and you’re good to go. The package also comes with nuts and bolts that allow you to adjust the lawn mower according to your preferences and how you are going to use it.

The engine starts right away without any trouble, and you won’t have to prime it or wait for it to warm up just to start.

We also like the fact that the cutting blade is easily adjustable, which means that your lawn will have an equal and uniform cut, according to your specifications.  Although the mower weighs 79 pounds, it is still easy to push and maneuver, thanks to the huge 12-inch rear wheels. It is a big advantage, especially when your lawn has hilly terrain, obstacles and hard to reach areas.

Because the Poulan Pro PR500N21SH is designed with the end user in mind, you will find that the unit is light and so easy to use, which is ideal for people who cannot move heavy things around.

The 21-inch cutting deck covers a lot of area, so you can get the job done in half the time as when you use other mowers. This is ideal for people who have busy schedules; they can maintain their lawn in less time than usual.

The 3-in-1 bagging system is also excellent, especially the mulching function that keeps the clippings properly stored and not all over the place.

This model is made of high quality and durable materials, which is a huge bonus considering its affordable price. It is also eco-friendly although it is gas-powered, because it emits less carbon than other lawn mowers in its category.


Try hard as we may, we can’t find a lot of cons to this product. Many consumers who are looking for a heavy duty lawn mower may find it a bit too light, but this is pretty negligible once you get used to it. Because it is gas-powered, you might also find the fumes a little bothersome, but it presents less exhaust than its counterparts. Some of the parts may get loose or fall off after a few months, so it is best to weld the loose parts.

The Verdict

Overall, the Poulan Pro PR500N21SH is an excellent lawn mower with tons of features not found in other brands. It is light and easy to use, even your grandmother can use it! The 500e Series Briggs & Stratton 140-cc engine is top of the line and made in the USA, so you are assured of its quality and know that it will never fail even when mowing tough lawn vegetation. Its high quality 21-inch cutting deck cuts cleanly and quickly, and can cut just about any type of grass.

The unit is easy to assemble right out of the box and will get you mowing in mere minutes. You just have to add oil and gas and you’d be cutting tough grass off your lawn. The recoil start is a breeze and will start the engine in just one pull. The materials are high quality, and you will find that the construction feels durable, solid and downright sturdy.

The engine is not as noisy as its competitors, and the engine block is properly designed so that the airflow is optimized and the engine does not overheat. This is great especially in warmer areas. It requires little effort to use, what with its large 12-inch rear wheels. It has a compact design that makes it simple to clean and store.

These Poulan Pro PR500N21SH features and benefits totally make for an excellent budget-friendly lawn mower that is well worth the buy.

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