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Every spring and into the fall, everyone with a yard and a tree (or trees nearby!) have a problem: rotting leaves. The leaves are wonderful when they are green and on the trees, but come fall and then just after winter, you can be left with a leafy, moldy mess that smells odd, delays the growth of your lawn and just doesn’t look very pretty! This problem is particularly bad in the fall, but it can carry over into spring as well.

What if you had a way to turn those dead leaves into organic, beautiful mulch in a matter of moments? Mulch is very important for lawns and gardens: it helps put food back into the soil to help new things grow, properly aerated, it brings oxygen back in and it’s just better for grounds than simply leaving the leaves to rot away to nothing. If all this sounds good to you then, you need a good leaf mulching system to efficiently and quickly get rid of your dead leaf problem and turn it into a solution.

The Worx WG430

The Worx WG430 is a blade-less leaf mulching system, designed to be able to handle a ton of rotting leaves from your yard in a speedy and relatively quiet fashion. It can really only handle leaves, but it can turn a whole ton of leaves into useable mulch for your gardens and flowerbeds. The Worx WG430 is unique in that it doesn’t rely on a blade system and instead uses a very different and safer design that is ideal for leaf mulching and cuts down on the noise and air pollution. If you’re looking for something that can handle the debris from your trees, what should you know about the Worx WG430?

Benefits and Features

The Worx WG430 has a number of things about it which make it ideal for yards of any sort.

The big benefit is that it is bladeless. Instead of using dangerous long blades, it uses a fles-a-line bladeless mulching system; a grass trimmer line that is thirteen inches in diameter to shred and mulch leaves rather than whirling blades. The leaves are mulched at a ratio of 11:1-11 parts leaf to 1 part mulch. The bag you want to use to store your mulch is placed under the machine and the mulch falls into it. The Worx WG430 uses a 13 AMP, 120 motor which is powerful enough to turn huge piles of leaves into very compact fertilizer. Indeed, the machine can take up to 53 gallons of leaves and turn it into mulch in just a minute! Cleaning and mulching the leaves has never been easier or quicker.

The other big benefit is that this device is very easy to put together. It requires no tools and the instructions are easy to follow and barely necessary! The Worx WG430 is also very compact in design and can be stored or pulled apart at the end of your gardening season with ease. Its design allows you to use both paper and plastic bags if you like and since it weighs in at less than 20lbs, it is very easy to move all over the yard as you need.

The Worx WG430 has decent safety features. It has a huge on and of switch that makes operation easy and it has a dust-reducing clean-air motor. This helps to reduce the amount of dust the machine produces, though it may still produce quite a bit depending on the nature of the refuse you’re throwing in. It’s also very durable and stable; although it weighs less than twenty pounds, it’s built in such a way that it won’t simply tip over as soon as you try to do anything!

And finally, at less than $150.00, this device is highly affordable for what you’re getting. If you don’t need something that can shred wood and hardier things, it’s definitely worth buying this over something like a shredder or chipper. You also get a two year warranty which is always good for one’s peace of mind when it comes to a device such as this. The warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s best used if there is a defect in your device; it won’t do you any good if you put something too big into the blades!

Problems with the Worx WG430

The Worx WG430 is good at what it does, but it is limited in many other ways. Many users complain that it still produces a great deal of dust and noise considering the fact that it doesn’t have huge blades and it’s supposedto have a dust-free motor! The system also requires frequent line changes meaning that you’ll be doing regular maintenance. Fortunately, the system comes with 24 replacement lines, but you may whip through those comparatively quickly, depending on how often you use the system.

Most importantly though, this is a leaf mulching system, not a system built to handle sticks, twigs and braches. The bladeless system cannot handle branches that are any thicker than a pencil with any degree of ease and if you start trying to add more than leaves and grass to the pile, you’ll end up wrecking your system a lot faster. Furthermore, the ratio of 11:1 is not as good as the usual ratio of 10:1, meaning that you’ll get less mulch than you would with other systems.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of your rotting leaves and dead grass in your yard and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a chipper/shredder that you don’t need, the Worx WG430 isn’t a bad investment at all. It is strictly for rotten leaves and grass, so don’t expect it to do more than that, but in that realm, it’s quite good. It’s quick, it’s safe to use, it at least reduces dust and noise and it’s portable enough to be stored and used anywhere. All in all, it’s a nice little system which is a great way to clean up your yard pre and post-summer. Take care of your lawns and your gardens; turn dead leaves and grass into organic, healthy mulch and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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